Manifest Proposal: Low Carbohydrate - High Fat Dietary Recommendation (LCHF)

19 sep kl 14:50, 2006

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Nu har Michael Nicholls, Feta lögner , kommit in med ett översättningsförslag till Manifestet:

Manifest for LCHF (Low carbohydrate - High fat) Dietary Recommendation

Overweight, obesity, the metabolic syndrome (decreased insulin sensitivity) and diabetes type-2 are now spreading worldwide.
This development is paralleled by western world recommendations (following the initiatives of USA and WHO) to reduce dietary fat, and in particular, all saturated fats. The supplementary recommendation is a corresponding increase of carbohydrates.
The recommended reduction of saturated fats rests on the assumption that these are deleterious to the arteries and that they contribute to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
The reduced fat-recommendations are now also being adopted by a growing number of developing countries. This development is paralleled by an increased occurrence of overweight and diabetes.

The Metabolic syndrome 
The metabolic syndrome is characterised by a prolonged elevation of the blood glucose level after a meal.

Type-2 diabetes is characterised by elevated levels even during fasting.

Both conditions are associated with elevated insulin levels.

Carbohydrates in the form of starches and sugars are the main factors behind

elevated blood glucose levels. The reaction to glucose is an elevated

insulin level.

Insulin resistance is the result of elevated levels of glucose and insulin.

The elevated level of insulin causes fat to be stored in the fat cells, and

simultaneously prevents the body from burning fat. The result is overweight

and obesity.



Recent studies have presented evidence for atherosclerosis being the result

of inflammatory effects on the artery wall. The negative effect on the

arterial wall is directly associated with elevated levels of glucose and


Scientific studies strongly suggest that the logical preventive method to

counteract overweight, diabetes and arteriosclerosis is lowered carbohydrate



The often repeated hypothesis that saturated fats are deleterious to the

arteries has never been satisfactorily proven in serious academic research.

Instead, some studies are indicative of the opposite to be true.

Since the beneficial effects of a lowered carbohydrate intake are readily

established, the proponents of saturated fats restriction still have the

burden of proof.


Intervention studies comparing low fat diets with low carbohydrate diets

convincingly favours the low carbohydrate diets when studying markers for

heart disease, such as blood glucose, HbA1c, blood lipids, insulin, and

blood pressure. Clinical observations regarding diabetes and heart disease

are also in favour of the low carbohydrate diets.


The Evolution

Combining the recent findings with an evolutionary perspective on the diet

issue, considering that man has consumed a high proportion of saturated fats

in his natural diet, the persistent hypothesis of the dangers of saturated

fats can at this point be safely dismissed.


We claim, therefore, that the official dietary recommendations, issued by

national food administration authorities, should be altered in the following

way: Consumption of carbohydrates, and in particular consumption of highly

refined carbohydrates, should be restricted.

The consumption of saturated fats should be increased.


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