Skrivet:   12 augusti kl. 18:27

I have been to the health care centre today. I have had a cold all summer long and now I was fed up with it not getting any better so I made an appoinment for this morning.

I have slept at my moms tonight and just before leaving the house I realised that I had left my bankcard at home. I called my mom (a little panicstricken) and asked her if she had any money at home, which she of course didnt... =/ She thought that I could get a bill on it instead if I wanted to though. A little bit nervous and a little bit late I almost jogged to the health care centre. Phew, I made it in time AND I was able to get a bill aswell. Nice!

The doctor looked in my throat and in my ears. He hit me in the forehead and on my cheeks. No sinusitis at least. Sore throat and a stubborn cold, penicillin it is...

Now Im on a 10 days course of treatment using penicillin... Im done with it just in time for our big family gettogether next saturday .. Yes! Untill then... No Alcohol...

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