LCHF (LowCarb HighFat) är ett mycket effektivt sätt att förbättra både hälsa och vikt.

Den står i skarp kontrast till Livsmedelsverkets påbud att äta 55-60E% sockerkedjor (kolhydrater).

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60 HCLF-regler
2 mars kl. 10:55
En och annan av våra kritiker tycker att LCHF som livsstil är begränsande. Men här har du 60 regler som HCLF-are (se förklaring nedan) bör komma ihåg.

1. Start the day with one 8 oz. Glass of water before breakfast. It helps to get you on the right track for the day.

2. Remember your ABCs - All Bites Count.

3. Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.

4. To avoid snacking while cooking or baking, drink water or chew gum.

5. Build a food "treat" into your food allowance every day.

6. If vulnerable to snacking later in the evening, floss and brush your teeth. This will deter you from putting anything else in your mouth.

7. Track what you eat, calories, and other things in a journal daily. You can use it to find problems that may be hindering your success.

8. After dinner, clean up the kitchen and turn off like lights. If you feel the urge to eat something, you might think twice about actually doing so.

9. Before indulging, ask yourself: Do I really want this and is it worth it in the end?

10. When going out to eat, wear a belt. A snug-fitting belt might help prevent overeating.

11. Review all offerings on a buffet completely before starting to fill your plate.

12. Take the emphasis off eating as a primary source of pleasure and do things that make you feel good about yourself.

13. Put groceries in the back seat or trunk of the car after shopping so you won't eat from the groccery bags on the way home.

14. Make each meal special. Use a pretty plate, make an elegant vegetable side dish, drink water with your meal out of a pretty wine glass, and always eat at the table.

15. Avoid the temptation of leftovers by trying to cook no more than what you need.

16. Eat some vegetables to take the edge off your appetite before you go out to eat.

17. Place sticks of chewing gum in the cupboard in front of troublesome foods as a gentle reminder to take the gum and shut the cupboard.

18. The "15-minute-rule": If you're experiencing cravings during the day, wait 15 minutes. During that time, keep yourself busy and drink a glass of water. After 15 minutes, if you still have the craving, have a small portion of the food you're craving.

19. Portion control is a cornerstone to weight loss. Even a few extra bites can impact your weight.

20. Be smart about what you drink. Save your calories for good instead.

21. Have your food customized. Restaurants can be quite accommodating when it comes to preparing a meal to your specifications.

22. Turn off the TV. Watching TV during mealtime might tune out internal cues and signals that tell us we're full.

23. Rearrange the fridge. To combat impulse eating, place fruits, veggies, and light yogurt up front.

24. Fried is a "fat alert". Opt for foods that are baked, broiled, grilled, steamed, or roasted. Words such as "crispy," "crunchy," or "battered," should ring the "fried alarm."

25. Look in the mirror every night and tell yourself what a great person you are. The more you like yourself, the more apt you are to reach your weight goal.

26. Don't deprive yourself. Think, "I am going to have it, just not now." Later, if you still want it, have it - in a small controlled portion.

27. If you believe in yourself you will succeed. Make yourself #1.

28. Persistence, not perfection, will get you to your goal.

29. Small steps lead to big successed. Set small goals - the smaller the better. This makes them more manageable and livable and helps ensure success.

30. Always be your own best friend no matter how your day goes. Respond positively, as if your best friend has had the experience.

31. It is much better to let that food go to waste than to go to your waist.

32. To succeed in your journey, act as if you're already there.

33. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Think before eating!

34. When you go to the groccery store and have the urge to buy something you did not plan for, think: "It looks better on the shelf than it will on me."

35. Follow the four Ps for Success. Plan - Prepare - Practice - Prevent.

36. Keep your "before" picture visible at all times as a reminder of your commitment to lose weight.

37. Don't let a bad moment make you have a bad day - or a bad day make you have a bad week.

38. Recognize that new habits need practice until they become your own.

39. Don't fret about the weight you haven't lost. Keeping a positive, balanced, perspective is key.

40. Don't join the "clean your plate" club.

41. When dining out, request a doggie bag right away. Pack up half of the meal before starting to eat.

42. Always carry a water bottle.

43. Always keep snacks handy. Fill small bags with low calorie, low fat snacks.

44. Put salad dressing into a small dish instead of on your salad. Dip your fork into the dressing first, then into the salad.

45. Create your own cookbook of healthy recipes that everyone you eat with enjoys.

46. Freeze your fruit! Frozen grapes taste great, and frozen bananas make great additions to juice or milk-based smoothies.

47. To make drinking water a little easier, drink from a fancy glass and add lemon.

48. In restaurants, request that salad dressings, sauces, and spreads be served on the side so you can determine how much goes on your food.

49. Plan your week ahead and schedule times for exercise.

50. If you're feeling unmotivated to exercise, put on your workout clothes. It will help you get into the mood.

51. Wear a pedometer all the time. Seeing the mileage rack up can really encourage you to move instead of sit.

52. Start an exercise calendar and give yourself a colored star each day you have 30 minutes of exercise.

53. Take the longest routes, climb stairs, and go out of your way to walk as much as possible. Remember that every bit of motion helps.

54. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Concentrate on one lifestyle change at a time for a few days or even the entire week before making another.

55. If you're disappointed at the scale, give it another week. Sometimes it takes two weeks to show a loss.

56. Look at a pound of butter to celebrate how significant a one pound weight loss is.

57. When you lose a pound, reward yourself with a non-food item.

58. Give yourself breating room - take simple, small steps to improve your lifestyle. For example, walk an extra five minutes a day and increase the pace gradually.

59. Accept that you will make mistakes along the way. What you do about and learn from any mistake is what's really important.

60.Leave inspirational messages on your computer screen at work or mirrors at home to keep you motivated.

*) HCLF = högkolhydrat/lågfett. T.ex. Viktväktare och andra kalorireducerade svältkoster.

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