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Brittiska medicinjournalisters "kolesterolrättegång"
29 april kl. 17:31
I London har föreningen för de brittiska medicinjournalisterna nyligen arrangerat en "rättegång" mellan kolesterolkampanjens försvarare och kritiker. Bo Zachrisson annonserade om den på sin blogg Toxiska Epistlar. Några dagar senare följde han upp med ett kortfattat utslag.

Nu har jag fått en lite utförligare text som jag lägger ut nedan.

Glyn Wainwright:
Witness & Victim Statement
I am a chartered engineer and IT professional  - who read biochemistry as an undergraduate,

In October 2004 my doctor informed me that I had Hypercholesterolaemia, A disease, whose only symptom is a "high cholesterol" reading in a routine blood test. "Consequently" he said "your 'equivalent risk' of heart disease over the next 10 years is up by 30%." NHS policy is to lower cholesterol levels and so I was prescribed 40 mg per day of Simvastatin.
[hold up prescription packet for all to see]
I was concerned that my eczema problem would return, if I used Statins But I was told that Statins would not cause my eczema to return. Emphasising the benefit of statins, my GP said "I would take them if it was me". The benefits of statins to people with "high cholesterol", was placed beyond question. By way of reassurance, however, my liver function would need to be monitored!

In 6 days I descended into a nightmare of statin induced illness. I went from "fit and healthy" to "being extremely poorly".
  • By day 4 I'd developed tingling sensations in my arms and a bleeding eczema rash.
  • By day 5 Tremors and coordination problems made activities such as playing the piano impossible.    I must confess?.I was very frightened by this.
  • Worse was to come when by day 6 aching limbs meant that I could not walk up the street without frequent rests.         
  • [Pause and show tablet]    Day 7 is still in the packet.         
I was desperate to know what was happening to me. I read my biochemistry textbooks. I read everything there was about cholesterol. I was very shocked and disturbed by what I found.

Every last one of my newly acquired ailments matched exactly with the action of statins. Statins, I found, were designed to close down a very important enzyme. That enzyme plays a vital part in the making of substances essential for healthy nerve and muscle function and Cholesterol is just one of those vital substances. By strongly recommending that I take statins NHS POLICY IS REQUIRING ME TO POISON MYSELF.

I stopped taking the statins immediately. My symptoms largely disappeared - almost as quickly as they came. Distressingly the statin damage being inflicted on others is still NHS policy! I have come here today to make an informed personal statement, hoping the millions of unheard victims of statin therapy will now be listened to.
 (hold up patient information leaflet for all to see)
The pharmaceutical companies admit to side effects in the leaflets they enclose, but are suppressing their true extent, and the damaging impact they have on peoples? health.

In conclusion three key points:
  • My extensive reading of research tells me that I would be seriously ill or possibly dead had I continued taking statins.
  • Side-effects are dismissed/hidden as other illnesses or non-compliance (ref. Radar survey)
  • There exists a massive "conflict of interest" in our health systems.
Those advising the health service on policy and treatment are largely controlled and funded by their pharmaceutical contracts. The Statins industry does not give "Total Mortality" data to GPs.

Does anyone want to try  "day 7"?

My name is Melchior Meijer. I'm medical reporter for several magazines and newspapers in The Netherlands.

Reporting about the many obvious flaws in the cholesterol hypothesis, shedding light on the biologically plausible adverse consequences of statin therapy, is as close to 21st century blasphemy as a medical journalist can come. I experienced this in 2004, when I wrote an article about statins in a national newspaper. In the article, several doctors and scientists expressed well founded doubts about the safety of statin therapy in the general population. I also presented a few `anecdotal' cases of statin induced harm, which were extremely easy to find.

The medical establishment reacted in fury and started an aggressive media offensive. Carefully avoiding the arguments in my article, they used their authority to hang me out on TV as a liar, a potential mass murderer. They called for `official measures' to prevent naive journalists from making similar `tragic mistakes' in the future.

They also took me to the Press Court, but they didn't reckon with the fact that the Press Court checks facts and figures. The Court did an investigation and decided that I had just done my job, observing and questioning. [As an aside: the chief of my newspaper, born into a family of influential physicians, was not happy with the Court's decision. He had already apologized on television for `this tragic mistake'.]

After this statin users started calling and mailing to the media, always reporting the same symptoms: various degrees of (muscle pain) and loss of muscle mass, exhaustion, personality changes and amnesia. But my colleagues didn't like to take up this serious issue..

That is, until last March when the TV-colleagues of TROS Radar, a consumer programme with an average of 2 million watchers (we have 16 million inhabitants), took up the subject. Dutch cardiologist Dr Paul de Groot expressed his doubts about cholesterol as a causal factor, and postulated that statins sometimes do more harm than good, especially in primary prevention. Dr Uffe Ravnskov, who by the way was honoured yesterday with the prestigious Leo Prize for independent science, pointed out the many flaws in the cholesterol hypothesis. The programme also interviewed people who had experienced devastating side effects from statins, which quickly disappeared upon discontinuation - although sometimes they did not. I was on the programme to explain how Unilever had succeeded in keeping an unfavourable article about its cholesterol lowering spread Flora out of the press.

When the shit hits the fan...

My time is limited, so I will make it short. Radar was vigorously attacked from all directions. Professors Martijn Katan and John Kastelein used various media outlets to shamelessly fire irrelevant, slanderous attacks on Dr Ravnskov. As usual, they did not address any of the scientific arguments. Radar invited Katan and Kastelijn for a public debate with Drs Ravsnkov and Kendrick, but they declined. The Dutch Cardiologists Association, together with the Healthcare Inspectorate - and this is critical - announced official guidelines for medical journalists who plan to cover delicate medical matters.

This should be taken very seriously. A number of scientists have documented quite clearly that statins induce mitochondrial dysfunction in many people. Some forms are reversible, some not. When these mitochondria, our energy plants, don't work properly, you can expect a wide-range of side effects from muscle weakness and memory loss, to heart failure. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this. Following the programme itself, Radar interviewed 5000 Dutch statin users and 27 percent reported side effects. These side effects are universally, and tragically, dismissed by their doctors. What will happen to these people if we "medical journalists" don't do everything within our power to find out what's really going on? I urge you all to join Dr Le Fanu and commit some good old blasphemy. That's what we are here for, after all.

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