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Qian started in a corridor after being in front of a Worcestershire children can be broken in the end of the corridor to the left street, and then Zhuomen will Heng dead, continue forward along the corridor Zhuo, will Zhuo came to a lot of barrel storage room, went in again Heng Men die in a barrel room at the end right after entering the Men from the left and right, respectively, in a move Zhuo sword coming out of the enemy, to kill, from the left side of the Men in. then Zhuo came to a corridor, in front of a very prominent iron Men, be careful of is the iron Men Jiao right of a Men in Yin Cangzhuo an enemy, before the tinkling Qianmen get rid of it first. tom Iron Men came to a hall over the top of the corridor Ysl replica handbags, to move forward to find the stairs, this will be a large number of Na Shi Zhuo Tong sword of the enemy had rushed to the stairs, the stairs where you can keep in line Qiong rabbit would be All rushed to kill the enemy, the tom off the stairs to the hall, where the enemy and then kill a few residues, the side of the hall will play Qian Men. Men enter this road will come to a wall inlaid with four walls statue of Huo's room murals in this room, there will be a lot of enemies appear from the room in turn four. there's room to kill the enemy after a few waves, left the room in front of a Men will play Qian, Tong Road Men can come through this stage outside Ri from Ri to jump on stage in the courtyard below, the yard is surrounded by the Bao Jian Xun things around, where a large number of enemies encountered here is the need Jiao Note Yi, the enemy from all sides Sui machine there, than to be constantly Note Yi Jiao in all directions, otherwise Ysl replica handbags, it could easily be an enemy attack. In addition, some throwing knives will be out of the enemy, the enemy in the same injection Yi Jiao Note Yi Shi also throw out the sword to avoid enemy . kill all the enemies, the building will play Qian Xun left a little Men. Men would come into a small courtyard, where the same was surrounded by Bao Jian Xun things around in the yard the same Jiao the face of a large number of enemies, but I have just emerged Go kinds Nazhuo sword of the enemy, the addition of a Nazhuo sickle red clothes to wear Zhuo enemy side of the courtyard there is a staircase to the second floor tom, the main Jiao The enemy will be down from here, you can advance in the following other Zhuo, but also tinkling note with Shi Yi other direction, because some enemies will appear from the other direction. kill all the enemies, the stairs will be playing next to a Qian Men, the next natural Men are into this road. tom off the Road Men came to a hall, where the guns will encounter a Nazhuo the skull, Shi will often attack them they emit toxic gases cause the speed to slow down in the hall very large number of enemies appear, down the hall from the front end have also been washed down the stairs a few enemies, need Jiao patient Ysl replica handbags. and all other enemies are wiped out, the tom off the stairs to the second floor, you will find a blocked by barrels of Men, had broken barrel tom corridor, will come to a statue in the middle of a hall, which is the last scene of this task, there will be a lot of Nazhuo spear Zhuo sickle skull Huona enemy , due to skull attacks often result in slowed down, so here is fighting to be Jiao careful when clean up all the enemies of the hall after hall Yang statue was broken, then there light group, around to the side of the statue, found step jump, the task knot Song. task 3 Catacombs after the start of the task Qian, Wu first break in front of the cave entrance blocked Worcestershire son, and then enter the cave in the cave of the Tong hang on, before and after, will have some Skull, kill it, after all Bu, Tong Road in front of the Iron Men playing Qian. tom over Iron Men will come to a cave in the hall, where there will be a lot of Nazhuo shield enemies, tough compared to some of the skeleton. kill all the enemies of the children in the hall after hall, a front will hit Qian Men. tom off the Road Men came to a hall with many columns, there will be some give Zhuozhayaotong rushing the enemy, you can use 2 weapons will Li to kill in the distance. eliminate Hun enemies in this hall, after all Ysl replica handbags, continue to move forward, the way we will encounter some of the skull, to kill the whole Bu in the end of the hall will find a hanging Que, Que dispatch will be hanging appear on the 3rd weapons in here to kill the enemy rushed, and at the stage into left and right sides of Hao Li Zhi distance of several enemy attacks, then tom had hanging Que. over the next hanging Que came after the hall, then Zhuo retreat will be Heng dead, then there will be many enemies to kill all Bu, the hall will hit the front about two Qian Men. Men left before the automatic storage Dim red, there are some things the right Men. into the right Menna things, go after the Men will be shut down, wait to play again after Qian, a few skeletons with Zhuo rushed in. kill all the enemies there, just return the hall, then into the left side just automatically stored Dim for Men Ysl replica handbags.Replica lv mens bag Fake balenciaga bag Chloe fake handbags Fake chloe handbags Coach fake handbags Coach replicate bag Lady dior bags fake Fake fendi handbags Fendi fake handbags Fendi b bag replica Hermes bags replica Hermes replica bags Replica hermes bags Fake hermes bags uk Hermes bags fake uk Fake marni handbags Marni fake handbags Fake Prada handbags Handbags Prada fake Prada fake handbags Wholesale Replica Handbags Discount Designer Bags Authentic Designer Handbag Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap Burberry Bags Louis Vuitton Purses Replica Prada Handbags Replica Burberry Handbag Designer Handbags Replica Designer Handbag Knockoff

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